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Ayurvedic Shampoo | Amla

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  • Product Code: S-1439
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$21.50 AUD


Feel the power of nature in your hair. Khadi Amla Shampoo provides your hair with a breathtaking volume and lively tension - especially on fine or powerless hair. It strengthens your hair from the tips to the roots. Right after the first application your hair feels strong, shines healthy and smells harmoniously after Ylang Ylang blossoms.

Khadi Amla Shampoo consists of an Ayurvedic herbal tea containing valuable ingredients: Amla, Indian basil and Aloe Vera provide your hair with important nutrients, moisturize and build up your hair structure. Amla Shampoo is traditionally used against hair loss and premature greying - anti-aging for your hair and your scalp. Of course, vegan and without silicones, sulphates and alcohol - the Khadi volume shampoo is completely vegan.

Khadi Amla Shampoo has a pH of 4.5 - similar to your hair and your scalp. It balances the pH-level of your scalp in a natural way. The natural acid strengthens the hair structure, strengthens your scalp, and gives your hair shine and suppleness.
Khadi shampoos clean your hair gently with natural tensides and Ayurvedic herbs. With Khadi Amla Shampoo you can wash your hair daily.  

*The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. For more information pertaining to your personal needs please see a qualified health practitioner.

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