Chakras Tea

Chakras Tea
All 7 Chakras Tea

Buddha Tea - Organic Sacral Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
The second chakra focuses on creativity, sensuality, and our connection with others. This expertly designed herbal blend is designed to...

Buddha Tea - Organic 4th Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
The 4th Chakra is a vital chakra to work with, and centers on all aspects of love. This tea is carefully crafted with...

Buddha Tea - Organic 5th Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
Powerful throat-centered herbs, and the essence of aquamarine fortify our 5th Chakra Blend to assist those seeking to heal and balance issues dealing with...

Buddha Tea - Organic Third Eye Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
This chakra, located between the eyebrows, highlights insight, knowledge, and wisdom. Third Eye Chakra Tea is crafted from herbs intended to open...

Buddha Tea - Organic Root Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
When your root chakra is in balance, you feel safe in the world, and free to trust in ways that allow you...

Buddha Tea - Organic Solar Plexus Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
This invigorating, solar plexus blend, enlivened with the essence of citrine, provides a truly unique tea experience that facilitates those wishing to connect...

Buddha Tea - Organic Crown Chakra Tea

$8.70 AUD
This 7th chakra can be described as the crown of spiritual understanding. Located at the top of the chakra ladder, the ingredients...
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