Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Khadi - Amla Hair Oil

$4.75 AUD
Khadi Amla hair oil gives new life to your hair - for healthy, powerful and shiny hair from the roots to the...

Khadi - Vitalising Hair Oil

$4.75 AUD
Noticeably more volume and wonderfully dense hair - with Khadi Vitalizing hair oil. Omega-3 fatty acids build the hair structure...

Banyan Botanicals - Healthy Hair Oil - Certified Organic

$16.75 AUD
Healthy Hair oil combine a powerful effects the top three Ayurvedic herbs known to have a special affinity for hair, cooked...

Banyan Botanicals - Bhringaraj Oil - Certified Organic

$14.25 AUD
Traditionally Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) used to support healthy hair growth and better sleep, it also cools the head and calms the...
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