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Luxury Veda

Luxury Veda

Spaceylon | Mini Hand Cream Trio | Almond | Coconut | Rose | For Dry & Rough Hands

$29.70 AUD
A trio of natural hand care treatments enriched with a revitalising blend of precious herbal oils. Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm, Soya...

Spaceylon | Mini Lip Balm Trio | Almond | For Hydrate, Nourish & Protect Lips

$29.70 AUD
A trio of naturally rich lip care treatments enriched with Virgin Coconut, Olive & Soya help instantly hydrate, nourish &...

Spaceylon | Ice Cooling Muscle Rub | 50g | Peppermint | Spearmint | For Soothe Body & Regularize Blood Circulation

$24.75 AUD
Fast-absorbent non-oily formula. Practical for use on the go, in the office or in any social situation. A naturally cooling...

Spaceylon | Cracked Heel Relief Balm | 25g | Aloe Vera | Lemon | Mint | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$17.75 AUD
A 100% natural intensive formula for relief from cracked heel thickened skin on the feet. Nutrient-rich Virgin Coconut helps &...

Spaceylon | Knees & Elbows Hydrating Balm | 25g | Lemongrass | Grapefruit | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$19.75 AUD
A 100% natural treatment specifically for dry, rough & discoloured skin on elbows & knees. Vitamin rich Virgin Coconut, Rice...

Spaceylon | Sleep Calming Balm Roll On | 10ml | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$14.75 AUD
100% natural action gently Hydrates, calms & relaxes the mind & body, promoting overall health, total tranquility & deep restful...

Spaceylon | Relax Foot Relief Balm | 25g | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$17.50 AUD
100% natural cooling & soothing relief for tired & fatigued feet. Calms & comforts skin on feet. Gently soothes &...

Spaceylon | Comfort Relieving Balm | 25g | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$17.50 AUD
100% natural fast action comforting & calming relief from fatigue & discomfort. Soothes & relaxes the body. Gently comforts the...

Spaceylon | Peace Soothing Balm | 25g | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$12.50 AUD
A 100% natural cooling, soothing & relaxing formula. Helps relieve feeling of stress, tension & discomfort. Gently soothes & clarifies...

Spaceylon | Sleep Calming Balm | 25g | For All Dosha & Skin Types

$18.00 AUD
A 100% natural soothing & calming formula. Gently pacifies senses & promotes tranquility. Helps unwind before bedtime & assists in...

Oil Garden | Sweet Almond Oil | 200ml | Organic | Almond | For Moisturising Skin, Massage and Aromatherapy Blending

$18.95 AUD
An enriching essential and massage oil, sweet almond oil is suitable for moisturising the skin through massage and is also...

Every Bit Organic Raw | Rosehip Oil | 50ml | Organic | Rosehip | For Regenerate Skin

$32.95 AUD
Cultivated first in Ancient Persia, rosehips spread to Western Europe. The healing properties of this small red fruit were discovered...

Every Bit Organic Raw | Jojoba Oil | 100ml | Organic | For Both Skin and Hair

$27.49 AUD
Every bit organic raw brings you the nutritious jojoba oil that is effective for both skin and hair care. Jojoba...

Every Bit Organic Raw | Argan Oil | 50ml | Organic | Argan | For Youthful Glow Skin

$26.80 AUD
Often called ‘liquid gold', Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is...
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