New Arrival Herbal Tea

New Arrival Herbal Tea
Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea - SALE Sale

Organic India - Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea - SALE

$2.99 AUD $6.95 AUD
You save: 56%
Masala Chai is a classic blend of tulsi, black tea and chai spices make it a perfect exotic chai that...

Ayurvedic Tea - Ayurvedic Detox Tea (Loose)

$12.95 AUD
Ayurvedic Detox tea (loose leaf) is a simple yet effective way to flush out toxin from our body. It is...
Joint Support Tea (Loose) Sale

Ayurvedic Tea - Joint Support Tea (Loose)

$13.65 AUD $16.60 AUD
You save: 17%
If pain and stiffness have an uncomfortable impact on your life, a cup of our Joint Support Tea may be...
Calming Tea (Loose) Sale

Ayurvedic Tea - Calming Tea (Loose)

$12.75 AUD $16.00 AUD
You save: 20%
Shanti means peace within. Ayurvedic teachings suggest that cultivating peace of mind brings balance to physical and spiritual health. Our Shanti tea...
Cough And Cold Tea (Loose) Sale

Ayurvedic Tea - Cough And Cold Tea (Loose)

$13.35 AUD $15.50 AUD
You save: 13%
Keep the cold at bay with this delicious herbal infusion. This natural cold remedy tea is full of vitamin C...
Slimming Healthy Green Tea (Loose) Sale

Ayurvedic Tea - Slimming Healthy Green Tea (Loose)

$13.35 AUD $16.60 AUD
You save: 19%
Slimming Healthy Green Tea is a premium blend of therapeutic herbs and spices formulated to help, balance and regulate excess...

SGS - Turmeric Latte Mix | 35 Serves | Immunity Booster

$19.50 AUD
Our Turmeric Latte Mix 70g Pack is a great way to get started and join the turmeric revolution. Turmeric is a...

Organic India - Tulsi Sleep Tea | 25 tea bags

$7.95 AUD
Tulsi and anti-stress herbs Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha and Shankpushpi are blended with Chamomile, Cardamom and Peppermint for a delicious herbal...

Organic India - Tulsi Tea Hibiscus | 25 tea bags

$6.95 AUD
A beneficial blend of Tulsi and Hibiscus with a hint of berry essence offers a stress relieving boost to your...

Organic India - Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea | 25 tea bags

$6.95 AUD
A delicate blend of Tulsi finely balanced with soothing Chamomile, Rose petals, and the fragrant essence of Rose. Add a touch of sweetness and you...

Organic India - Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea | 25 Bags

$6.95 AUD
A delicate blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi with Cinnamon, Cardamom and Rose Petals make a harmonious, healing combination...

Organic India - Tulsi Moringa Tea

$6.95 AUD
Masala Chai is a classic blend of tulsi, black tea and chai spices make it a perfect exotic chai that...

Organic India - Tulsi Tummy Tea | 25 tea bags

$6.95 AUD
New Larger Pack! Tulsi’s potent restorative powers are blended with Ginger, Cinnamon and other calming digestive herbs to provide effective...

Maharishi - Slumber Time Tea

$8.49 AUD
Maharishi's Slumber time Tea is ideal for those who need a good night's rest. This unique combination of spices with Ayurvedic...

Maharishi - Be Trim Tea (20 Bags)

$8.49 AUD
Beat those "snack attacks" - Drink Maharishi Ayurveda Be Trim Tea any time of day or night to help balance the...

PLANET ORGANIC - Chai Spice Tea 25 Bags

$5.95 AUD
Planet Organic Spice Tea is a blend of certified organic black tea and organic spices. A lively, sparkling tea in...
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