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COSMOVEDA | Shatavari massage oil

$17.30 AUD $26.00 AUD You save: 33%
Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is a soothing care and massage oil for women that helps to balance the Pitta Dosha. COSMOVEDA Ayurveda herbal...
COSMOVEDA | Pinda massage oil Sale

COSMOVEDA | Pinda massage oil

$17.60 AUD $24.80 AUD You save: 29%
Pinda Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic massage oil beneficial for pacifying Vata and Pitta by moisturizing and nourishing the system. Some...

COSMOVEDA | Amalaki massage oil

$16.69 AUD $25.60 AUD You save: 34%
Alamaki (Phyllanthus emblica) is a hamonizing care and massage oil that helps maintain the balance of the three doshas. COSMOVEDA Ayurveda herbal...

COSMOVEDA | Kshirabala massage oil

$14.40 AUD $30.00 AUD You save: 52%
  COSMOVEDA Ayurveda herbal and massage oils are obtained in a special, traditional process. An aqueous herbal sud is cooked in...
COSMOVEDA | Tridosha Massage oil Sale

COSMOVEDA | Tridosha Massage oil

$17.75 AUD $25.60 AUD You save: 30%
Tridosha defines the three fundamental energies or principles which govern the function of our bodies on the physical and emotional level....

Ayuna | Revive M Capsules

$28.60 AUD $36.50 AUD You save: 21%
According to Ayurvedic Medicine, Brahmi helps in improving concentration, learning and memory. Its antioxidant properties help to support the body’s...
COSMOVEDA | Kumari oil | 100ml Sale

COSMOVEDA | Kumari oil | 100ml

$17.75 AUD $30.00 AUD You save: 40%
 Kumari Ayurveda herbal special massage and care oil that is produced according to Ayurvedic scriptures according to traditional recipes. This ayurvedic massage...

Chai Spice Tea 25 Bags

$2.99 AUD $5.95 AUD You save: 49%
Planet Organic Spice Tea is a blend of certified organic black tea and organic spices. A lively, sparkling tea in...

Life & Pursuits | Castor Oil | Cold-pressed | USDA Certified | Hair Growth & Skin | 100ml

$7.95 AUD $9.90 AUD You save: 19%
Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is extracted using the cold-pressed method and not by synthetic solvents, as per the authentic Ayurveda method....

Life & Pursuits | Sesame Oil | USDA Certified | 200ml

$5.50 AUD $9.60 AUD You save: 42%
Sesame oil is a right oil for use on every inch of your body, including the ears, lips, teeth and gums,...
Breathe Free Balm Sale

Breathe Free Balm

$22.50 AUD $29.50 AUD You save: 23%
Breathe Free Balm is a warming chest rub that provides comfort when you need it most. To make this chest...
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