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Amla & Neroli Body Wash Sale

Khadi - Amla & Neroli Body Wash

$16.79 AUD $21.60 AUD You save: 22%
Balance and relaxation for your skin! khadi Shower Gel Amla & Neroli gives you beautiful, soft skin and a wonderful skin...

Khadi - Amla Ayurvedic Shampoo | 200ml | Bhringraj | Neem | Brahmi | Reetha

$21.50 AUD
Product information "khadi Ayurvedic Elixir Shampoo Amla Volume" The power booster: Lush volume, stronger hair roots and new vitality, even for gray hair. Amla...

Khadi - Amla Hair Oil

$4.75 AUD
Khadi Amla hair oil gives new life to your hair - for healthy, powerful and shiny hair from the roots to the...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Care & Styling Spray | Wonder Hair Tonic

$24.80 AUD
Simply wonderful - the khadi Wonder Hair Tonic with the powerful essences of Ayurvedic herbs and plants gives you natural...


$22.30 AUD
Glamor by nature: Creamy suppleness, shiny protection, and easy combability. khadi Coconut Shikakai Ayurvedic Elixir Conditioner is our creamy intensive care. The Elixir Conditioner encapsulates...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Elixir Shampoo | Orange Vitality | Organge | Nutgrass | Shikakai | Reetha | Aloe Vera

$23.60 AUD
The new lightness of life: Vibrant lightness, revitalizing freshness, and natural bounce for your hair. khadi Orange Vitality Ayurvedic Elixir Shampoo is a burst of freshness...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Pink Lotus

$4.75 AUD
Feel the calming effect of khadi face and body oil Pink Lotus on your skin and your senses. Himalayan cedar,...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Rose

$4.75 AUD
Feel like khadi face oil Rose is smoothing your skin visibly. Enjoy the gentle care of rose flowers. Groom your...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Anti Aging

$4.75 AUD
khadi's anti-aging oil helps in tightens, regenerates and vitalizes the skin. This special khadi oil prevents pigmentation and aging spots and wrinkles....

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Hibiscus

$21.20 AUD
Pamper your sensitive skin with soothing and relaxing care: In khadi Ayurvedic facial and body oil Hibiscus, essential oils, plant...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Colour Care | Enhancing Color Results

$21.60 AUD
khadi Color Care Ayurvedic hair oil - designed especially for setting and enhancing your color results after dyeing your hair with...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Vitality Grow | Bhringaraj | Rosemary | Brahmi

$19.35 AUD
Vitality Grow Ayurvedic scalp and hair oil - visibly more vitality, revitalized scalp and fuller hair growth. Vitality Grow is pure...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Shampoo Hair Repair | Rose

$21.50 AUD
Your tips are dry and your hair looks lifeless and lustre-free even after styling? The rich Khadi Rose Hair Repair...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Shampoo | Hibiscus | Nourishes Sensitive Scalp

$18.00 AUD
Relaxation for your scalp - with soothing hibiscus and fragrant lavender! Khadi Hibiscus Shampoo soothes and nourishes sensitive scalp with the power...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Shampoo | Neem | Anti-dandruff | 210ml

$18.00 AUD
Harmony and relaxation for your scalp! Khadi Neem shampoo relieves itching and scaly scalp. Already after the first application, you feel...

Khadi - Herbal Hair Colour Pure Henna

$16.85 AUD
Pure henna for a flaming red. The Khadi herbal hair colour Pure Henna colours your hair in a bright red tone....
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