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NeoVeda | Courage | Essential Oil | Cedarwood | Clary Sage

$12.50 AUD $24.99 AUD You save: 49%
Courage    Perhaps one of our favorites due to the encouragement of strength, courage and perseverance that it offers through...

Neoveda | Lip Smooth Mogra (Jasmine) Balm | 15ml | Jasmine | For Hydrating Dry and Chapped Lips

$7.80 AUD
A special blend of exotic Jasmine and Shea butter helps to smoothen lips by hydrating dry and chapped lips. A...

Neoveda | Lip Soft Rose Balm | 15ml | Organic | Rose | For Soft Smooth, Beautiful and Pleasant

$6.00 AUD
Rose Lip Balm makes lips soft smooth, beautiful and pleasant. Shea butter protects lips from cold, dry weather, cocoa butter...

Neoveda | Lip Young Coconut Balm | 15ml | Organic | Coconut | For Hydration & Moisture

$7.80 AUD
Coconut lip balm helps deliver hydration & moisture. The coconut oil contains the minerals that moisturize and cure dryness of...

Neoveda | Skin Beauty Soap | 100g | Aloe Vera | Mogra | For Cooling and Balances Ph

$5.95 AUD
Cooling, balances pH and gives soft and beautiful skin. Aloe vera and mogra reduce dryness and add moisture to skin....

Neoveda | Skin Renew Soap | 100g | Sandalwood | Turmeric | For Lightens Complexion and Removes Toxins

$5.95 AUD
Lightens complexion and removes toxins. Clean the skin thoroughly, while gently washing off all the dirt and impurities. The soap...

Neoveda | Skin Soft Soap | 100g | Rose | For Softening, Reduces Spots and Discolouration

$6.00 AUD
Clean and perfume your skin in one wash. Silky rose gives soft and smooth skin and reduces spots and discolouration....
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