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Nim-Véda | Amla Soap | 100g | Amla | For Tonifying, Anti-Ageing and Immune-Enhancing Properties

$3.96 AUD
Amla is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C bioflavonoids and is used for its tonifying, anti-ageing and immune-enhancing...

Nim-Véda | Ashwagandha Oil | 200ml | Ashwagandha | Used To Rejuvenate The Body

$15.04 AUD
Ashwagandha oil acts as an anti-stress and adaptogenic herb and is one of the main herbs used to rejuvenate the...

Nim-Véda | Ashwagandha Soap | 100g | Ashwagandha | For Beautiful Youthful Glow Skin

$3.96 AUD
Our Ashwagandha soap will leave your body feeling relaxed and appearing younger. The special properties in Ashwagandha assist in reducing...

Nim-Véda | Brahmi Oil | 200ml | Brahmi | Powerful blood purifier

$18.80 AUD
Brahmi Massage Oil is a great addition to any beauty regime. Brahmi Oil is a powerful blood purifier and assists...

Nim-Véda | Brahmi Soap | 100g | Brahmi | Reducing The Effects Of Stress and Nervous Anxiety

$3.96 AUD
Our Brahmi soap will help you wind down after a hard day’s work. The properties found in Brahmi assist in...

Nim-Véda | Cumin Seed Oil | 200ml | Organic | Cumin Seed | For All Skin Types

$29.70 AUD
Black Cumin Seed Oil is known to have numerous benefits including being analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, antispasmodic, hypotensive,...

Nim-Véda | Neem & Clay Shampoo | 250ml | Neem | For Soft, Silky and Smooth Hair

$8.76 AUD
A rich glossy shampoo with active neem oil, extracts and neutral pH Pink Clay that leaves your hair soft, silky...

Nim-Véda | Neem & Clay Soap | 100g | Organic | Neem | For All Skin Types

$5.60 AUD
Our Neem and Clay soap combines the benefits of Neem Oil with the benefits of Clay. Clay has enormous absorbent...

Nim-Véda | Neem Body Lotion | 250ml | Neem | Restores and Maintains Healthy Skin

$13.00 AUD
A soft body lotion that restores and maintains healthy skin. Nim-Véda Australia’s body lotion assists in preventing dehydration and fine...

Nim-Véda | Neem Conditioner | 250ml | Neem | For Shiny, Smooth and Silky Hair

$8.76 AUD
A rich and creamy conditioner that revitalises your scalp, leaving your hair shiny, smooth and silky, whilst restoring and maintaining...

Nim-Véda | Neem Oil | 30ml | Organic | Neem | For Varying Skin

$4.76 AUD
Neem Oil is a real standout for skin care and is rich in fatty acids that build collagen and promote...

Nim-Véda | Neem Shampoo | 250ml | Neem | For Soft, Shiny and Tangle-Free Hair

$5.84 AUD
A rich, creamy and luxurious shampoo which will leave your hair soft, shiny and tangle-free. A mild lathering shampoo that...

Nim-Véda | Neem Shower Gel | 250ml | Organic | Neem | For All Skin Types

$15.80 AUD
The soothing oils in our Bath & Shower Gel cleanse the skin without dehydrating the body. Its rich luscious, creamy...

Nim-Véda | Neem Soap | 100g | Neem | For Maintaining The Skins Natural Elasticity

$3.96 AUD
Our Neem soap is rich in fatty acids that build collagen and promotes wound healing whilst maintaining the skin’s natural...

Nim-Véda | Rose Water | 100ml | Organic | Rose | For All Skin Types

$9.80 AUD
Rose Water is also often used in dishes, especially in South East Asia and Middle Eastern delicacies. Available in 150ml...

Nim-Véda | Sesame & Jojoba Seed Soap | 100g | Black Sesame Seed | Jojoba Seed | For Skin Moisturiser

$3.96 AUD
Our Black Sesame Seed and Jojoba Seed Cake soap is an excellent skin moisturiser. The combination of Black Sesame Seed...
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