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Sankalpa | Ayurveda Perfume Oil | Kapha | Energise, Orange & Ginger

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Ayurveda perfume oil to balance and energise, uplift and invigorate with organic NZ native manuka, a beautiful blend of essential oils and carnelian crystals. The scent is fresh, sweet and sunny, with the spicy warmth of ginger alongside forest scents of cypress and juniper and the lively citrus of sweet orange and may chang. A joyful and energising fragrance.

Ingredients: Grapeseed & jojoba oils, therapeutic grade essential oils of ginger, juniper, sweet orange, cypress, may chang, manuka extract & carnelian crystals programmed to heal

– Grapeseed oil – has a very fine, silky consistency, is hypoallergenic and full of skin-loving linoleic acid
– Jojoba oil – golden liquid wax which contains several proteins and minerals, is balancing to both oily and dry skin types and has an extremely long shelf life
– Ginger essential oil – warming, encouraging and motivating, ginger is a spicy decongestant useful for clearing moisture from the body. It stimulates the digestive system, creates optimism and helps the manifest initiative.
– Sweet Orange essential oil – a warm, fresh and zesty aroma which is known as the oil of communication. It calms digestion, supports the immune system, is uplifting, positive and joyful and stimulates lymphatic fluids.
– Juniper essential oil – fresh, warm and woody, juniper comes from the dried berries of this tall tree. It is very purifying, encourages the clearing of toxins and benefits poor circulation. It helps relieve tiredness and clears cold dampness.
– Cypress essential oil – with refreshing and invigorating piney aromas, cypress has been used medicinally since Egyptian times. It helps with sluggishness and aids circulation. An essential oil of optimism, it gives strength to move forward when needed as well as restoring calm.
– May Chang essential oil – fresh and lemony sweet, this ‘feel good’ oil brings confidence, is uplifting and cheering. Helpful for circulation and stress and useful for lowering high blood pressure.
– Manuka extract – this NZ native was once used by early settlers to make a tea, hence it became the first ‘tea tree’. It was an important medicinal plant for Maori, traditionally used to clear sinus congestion (among other things). It is strongly antimicrobial and has qualities of purification and has also been used as a sedative.
– Carnelian crystals – is full of the ‘life force’, carnelian stimulates metabolism, restores vitality and motivation. Red carnelian warms and energises and is especially useful for sluggishness.


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