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Sankalpa | Ayurveda Perfume Oil | Pitta | Nurture, Rose & Vanilla

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Ayurveda perfume oil to balance and nurture, cool and calm with organic NZ native hoheria, a beautiful blend of essential oils and amethyst crystals. The scent is rich and sensual, with the floral depths of rose and neroli alongside sweet, creamy notes of vanilla and sandalwood making this a romantic scent with exotic oriental notes.

Ingredients: Grapeseed & jojoba oils, therapeutic grade essential oils of rose, sandalwood, neroli, patchouli, vanilla, with hoheria extract & amethyst crystals programmed to heal

– Grapeseed oil – has a very fine, silky consistency, is hypoallergenic and full of skin-loving linoleic acid
– Jojoba oil – golden liquid wax which contains several proteins and minerals, is balancing to both oily and dry skin types and has an extremely long shelf life
– Rose essential oil – the ‘Queen of the flowers’, rose is calming to body and soul. It has been used throughout history for insomnia, stress, anxiety and sensitive skin. It is a cooling oil useful for clearing heat. Rose is the herb of love – self-love, nurturing and universal love
– Sandalwood essential oil – has a soft, woody scent and is cooling and calming. It refreshes an over-heated body, is regularly used to calm all kinds of skin irritation and helps to still fiery emotions and agitation.
– Neroli essential oil – a light, refreshing floral scent, neroli comes from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. It clears heat, relaxes nerves and uplifts the spirit. Useful for insomnia and beneficial to heart and mind.
– Patchouli essential oil – sweet, earthy, spicy & woody, patchouli is excellent for skin regeneration. It calms stress and mental activity and is a very grounding oil which strengthens the immune system.
– Vanilla essential oil – exotic, sweet aroma, vanilla has antioxidant properties and has been widely used for its relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nerves. It soothes all types of inflammation of different body systems and encourages a good, sound sleep
– Hoheria extract – this NZ native ‘lacebark’ is from the marshmallow family and has traditionally been used to reduce swelling of bruises and soothe the heat of burns. It supports digestion and reduces fevers. Emotionally it encourages more love into one’s life.
– Amethyst crystals – Bringing serenity and tranquility, amethyst is calming to the mind yet helps with focus and control. Useful where insomnia is caused by an over-active mind, it balances the emotional highs and lows and is very helpful for skin conditions.


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