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Khadi | Ayurvedic Shampoo | Nutgrass

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khadi Nutgrass Shampoo gives your hair irresistible bounce and healthy shine. Gentle cleansing with natural sugar soils: These mild cleansing substances give your hair a wonderful lightness. Enjoy the fresh and fruity aromas of orange, lime and tangerine - this invigorating aroma accompanies you through the day.

Vegan and pure herbal - Khadi Shampoos consist of an Ayurvedic plant seed. Concentrated active ingredients such as nutgrass and barberry harmonize the sebum production of your scalp and maintain your hair loosely and smoothly, without weighing it down. Aloe Vera and pure orange oil provide your hair with intense moisture.

khadi Nutgrass shampoo prevents rapid greasing of the scalp with antibacterial Neem oil. For a special bounce and suppleness, a slightly acidic PH value of 4.0 ensures your hair structure smoothes. khadi Nutgrass shampoo is free of synthetic ingredients such as sulfates and silicone. khadi shampoos clean your hair gently with natural surfactants and Ayurvedic herbs.

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