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Khadi | Herbal Hair Colour | Dark Blonde

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Dark Blond is cool, self-confident and is absolutely trendy. With this natural hair colour, you achieve a unique, matte dark ash blond depending on your starting colour: White or light hair turns to a light to medium ash blondness. Dark hair receives a beautiful glow with Khadi herbal hair colour Dark Blond.

With Khadi Haircolour Dark Blond, you groom your hair while dying it. Effective ingredients such as pomegranate and black walnut provide a rich colour result in hip-ashy dark blond. Aloe Vera provides intense moisture. Khadi Hair Color is 100% vegan and free of synthetic ingredients such as ammonia, peroxides and parabens.

The herbal colour pigments are coating each strand of hair while strengthening it. Khadi herbal Hair Color Dark Blond gives you healthy, shiny, powerful hair.

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