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Khadi | Herbal Hair Colour Senna/Cassia (Colourless)

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Feel the pure power of nature in your hair. Khadi Senna / Cassia gives shine, volume and tension to your hair and brings out your natural hair colour to the fullest. As a natural hair treatment, Senna / Cassia strengthens and regenerates your hair structure. Therefore, it is ideal if your hair is dry, heavily strained, blonded or streaked - or as a pre-treatment before you dye with Khadi herbal hair colours. It builds up your structure with every application and ensures that your hair is able to absorb the herbal hair colour evenly.

The so-called "colourless henna" is actually none at all and is obtained from the plant Cassia obovata or Senna italica. Khadi Senna / Cassia is 100% of it. The leaves of the plants are extra-finely powdered, so the natural hair care can optimally repair your hair structure.
The active substances from the leaves of the Senna plant encase your lengths and tips gently and fill up small damages. It gives your hair moisture and lets your colour shine brightly. The natural hair care is 100% vegetarian and vegan - free of silicones, sulfates and Co.

Hair care with Khadi Senna / Cassia is particularly suitable for you, if you love the power and the brilliance of the Khadi hair colour, but don`t want a change in hair colour. It is completely colourless - for natural, beautiful shine.

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