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Khadi | Vitalising Hair Oil

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Noticeably more volume and wonderfully dense hair - with Khadi Vitalizing hair oil. Omega-3 fatty acids build the hair structure and help against split ends and hair breakage. Palash and Indrayan stimulate the circulation of your scalp and hair growth. It promotes the supply of the hair roots and strengthens them. This prevents hair loss - dense, powerful hair gives you a pleasant feeling.

Traditional care with an Ayurvedic formula: We produce our hair oils in an elaborate process to extract only the most valuable ingredients from the plants. Highly effective ingredients such as sesame and coconut oil are well known as caring substances for your lengths and tips. Rosemary, Amla and Bhringaraj stimulate your scalp, detoxify and prevent hair loss. Khadi Vitalizing hair oil is free from silicones, paraffin oil & Co. Natural hair care for your well-being.

Do you have fine hair, damaged hair or a tendency to hair loss? Then Khadi Vitalizing hair oil is particularly suitable for you. Men also appreciate the effect of this Khadi hair oil because it supports hair growth and smells discreetly for herbs - for full, healthy hair.

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