Body Care

Body Care

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Anti Aging

$4.75 AUD
khadi's anti-aging oil helps in tightens, regenerates and vitalizes the skin. This special khadi oil prevents pigmentation and aging spots and wrinkles....

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Rose

$4.75 AUD
Feel like khadi face oil Rose is smoothing your skin visibly. Enjoy the gentle care of rose flowers. Groom your...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Pink Lotus

$4.75 AUD
Feel the calming effect of khadi face and body oil Pink Lotus on your skin and your senses. Himalayan cedar,...

COSMOVEDA - Ginger massage oil

$19.90 AUD
Ginger massage oil - with genuine neroli (orange blossom).  For a stimulating and invigorating massage experience. Cares for all skin types...

COSMOVEDA - Jasmine massage oil

$19.90 AUD
Ginger massage oil - with genuine neroli (orange blossom).  Jasmine massage oil - with real jasmine made of cashmere and...

COSMOVEDA - Rose massage oil

$19.90 AUD
Rose Massage Oil - made with genuine Damask Rose. For a relaxing and balancing massage experience. Maintains tenderness to sensitive...

COSMOVEDA - Sandalwood massage oil

$19.90 AUD
Sandalwood massage oil made with real sandalwood from India. For a sensual relaxing and pampering massage experience. Cares with Amalaki...

SoulTree - Apricot Moisturiser With Honey & Kokum Butter

$24.49 AUD
This gentle moisturiser is prepared from a blend of cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil from the Himalayas, organic herbs, and Wild...

SoulTree - Face Scrub - Walnut & Turmeric With Cooling Sandalwood

$16.50 AUD
Turmeric face scrub exfoliates skin, reduces tan and removes dead skin. Rose, Lemon Peel and Neem prevent acne, while Natural...

SoulTree - Hand & Foot Cream - Kokum & Honey with Mountain Rosemary

$17.25 AUD
This intense care and repair cream has ultra-moisturising and cell regeneration properties that keep the skin nourished. Enriched with Kokum...

Nature Veda - Organic Castor Oil + Free Eyebrow Brush for Natural Eyelash and Eyebrow Care

$13.50 AUD
Nature's Veda Castor Oil is made from organically grown castor seeds and cold-pressed with no added preservatives or chemicals. It’s...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Face and Body Oil | Hibiscus

$21.20 AUD
Pamper your sensitive skin with soothing and relaxing care: In khadi Ayurvedic facial and body oil Hibiscus, essential oils, plant...

Khadi - Ayurvedic Care & Styling Spray | Wonder Hair Tonic

$24.80 AUD
Simply wonderful - the khadi Wonder Hair Tonic with the powerful essences of Ayurvedic herbs and plants gives you natural...
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