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Hair Oils

Hair Oils

Life & Pursuits | Bhringaraj Scalp Therapy | Hair Oil | USDA Certified | Non Sticky

$13.20 AUD $16.50 AUD You save: 20%
Organic Bhringaraj Hair Oil is just the therapy your scalp needs to fight hair loss, premature greying & dandruff. Promotes Hair...

Khadi | Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Colour Care | Enhancing Color Results

$21.60 AUD
khadi Color Care Ayurvedic hair oil - designed especially for setting and enhancing your color results after dyeing your hair with...

Khadi | Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Vitality Grow | Bhringaraj | Rosemary | Brahmi

$19.35 AUD
Vitality Grow Ayurvedic scalp and hair oil - visibly more vitality, revitalized scalp and fuller hair growth. Vitality Grow is pure...

Life & Pursuits | Castor Oil | Cold-pressed | USDA Certified | Hair Growth & Skin | 100ml

$7.95 AUD $9.90 AUD You save: 19%
Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is extracted using the cold-pressed method and not by synthetic solvents, as per the authentic Ayurveda method....

Life & Pursuits | Organic Amla Oil | USDA Certified | Nourish Hair

$13.75 AUD
95%+ certified organic ingredients. Certified organic by USDA (USA) & India Organic. This Amla Oil is a blend of organic...

Vadik Herbs | Brahmi Amla Hair Oil | Ayurvedic herbal hair growth and hair conditioning oil

$17.80 AUD
Brahmi Amla Hair Oil A great blend for hair loss and conditioning. Brahmi, also known as Gotu Kola, combined with...

Hair Oil | Neelibringadi | Bhringraj & Indigo | No added colour or fragrances | 150ml

$18.75 AUD
Nature's Veda Neelibrigadi Hair Oil - Our complete and versatile Hair oil concentrate provides smoothing for all hair types; the...

Khadi | Vitalising Hair Oil

$4.75 AUD
Noticeably more volume and wonderfully dense hair - with Khadi Vitalizing hair oil. Omega-3 fatty acids build the hair structure...

Healthy Hair Oil - Certified Organic

$17.75 AUD
Healthy Hair oil combine a powerful effects the top three Ayurvedic herbs known to have a special affinity for hair, cooked...

Organic Castor Oil | for Natural Eyelash and Eyebrow Care | 150ml

$14.50 AUD $43.50 AUD You save: 66%
  Nature's Veda Castor Oil is made from organically grown castor seeds and cold-pressed with no added preservatives or chemicals....
Grape Seed Oil |  Natural | Light & Silky | Cold Pressed | 150ml Sale

Grape Seed Oil | Natural | Light & Silky | Cold Pressed | 150ml

$12.30 AUD $24.60 AUD You save: 50%
Nature's Veda Grape Seed Oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed oil, naturally rich in vitamin E. This oil is delicate and...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Hair & Scalp Oil | 125ml | Brahmi | Bhrigaraj | Amla

$18.25 AUD
Vata hair oil for normal to dry and brittle hair. For that little extra special care and for providing important...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Kapha Hair & Scalp Oil | 125ml | Amla | Brahmi

$18.25 AUD
Kapha Hair Oil provides luster and strength to the hair. Massage the Hair Oil into the scalp and hair at...

Life & Pursuits | Onion Hair Oil | Hair Fall Control and Dryness | Bhringraj | Amla | Lemon Oil

$22.30 AUD
Grow gorgeous hair that can make heads turn as you step into the room, with our premium Onion Hair Oil....
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